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Edward Hitchcock published nearly fifty books in his lifetime totaling some five million words. But his unpublished writings may well have exceeded his published works. They include sermons, letters, travel diaries, teaching and field notes, essays, and poems. Most are held in the Amherst College Archives and Special Collections. A few are in the collections of the Henry N. Flynt Library at Historic Deerfield and Pockumtuck Valley Memorial Association in Deerfield.


In the course of his research for All the Light Here Comes from Above, author Robert T. McMaster transcribed many of Edward Hitchcock's unpublished works. Using voice-to-text software, he dictated each manuscript into a word processing document, then reread and proofed it.

Most of those transcriptions are now available for reading, downloading, and research purposes. We only ask that the source be cited including the archive where the original manuscript is held. Some or all of the transcriptions will eventually be available through the Amherst College Archives at acdc.amherst.edu.

TrackGeological Survey Notes of Edward Hitchcock 1830-1835
(143 pages)      

TrackLetters of Edward Hitchcock and Family 1819-1864
(316 letters)       DOCX   PDF

TrackPrivate Notes of Edward Hitchcock 1829-1864
(109 pages)         DOCX    PDF

TrackSermons of Edward Hitchcock 1819-1862  
    (1371 pages)        DOCX    PDF

TrackTeaching Notes of Edward Hitchcock 1825-1863 
(221 pages)       DOCX    PDF

TrackUnpublished Works of Edward Hitchcock 1809-1850
(165 pages)       
TrackMemoirs of Edward Hitchcock, Jr. 1901-1906
      (62 pages)        DOCX   PDF

TrackAutobiography of Justin Hitchcock, 1767-1799
(36 pages)        DOCX   PDF

For transcriptions of the Hitchcock-Silliman correspondence see Robert L. Herbert, The Complete Correspondence of Edward Hitchcock and Benjamin Silliman, 1817-1863: The American Journal of Science and the Rise of American Geology, available at http://bit.ly/2m6vnxtHitch.
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